Rally Cycling Granada Training Camp

When it rains in Granada, it pours...

While half the RALLY CYCLING team is currently traveling to Argentina to race the Vuelta a San Juan, the other half is wrapping up a 10-day training camp in Granada, Spain to prepare for their first race of the season, the Saudi Tour from February 4-8.

Photographer Ethan Glading was on site to capture the occasion and wrote this about their most challenging day.

The guys were faced with some adverse conditions in Granada when they rode into the mountains and it started to rain. The temperature dropped 20 degrees and they were forced to wear all of their clothing. The roughest part, when their morale was maybe tested the most, was the first major descent. It was freezing, the rain wouldn’t let up and they came down a long twisty descent. There were a lot of blue lips and shivering amongst the group. Eventually, the weather improved and they really rallied (pun not intended.) By the final climb of the day, which was over 20 km in length, they were riding really strong and even joking a bit and laughing. Maybe even having fun. Type 2 fun, but still…

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