Sewing Chamois into Bibs

Order Process

Pactimo offers a streamlined and efficient order process for custom cycling and athletic apparel, designed to meet the unique needs of teams, clubs, and individual athletes. 

Our custom clothing order process is designed to be user-friendly, collaborative, and reliable, with a focus on quality and customer satisfaction. We stand by our craftsmanship with a lifetime warranty, offering peace of mind for customers seeking premium custom apparel.

COS Racing Team in Custom Cycling Kits
Why Pactimo...

· Guaranteed On-time Delivery
· 5-Piece Minimum Orders
· Minimums Favorable for Mixed-Gender Teams
· No Per-Piece Reorder Minimums
· No Fees to Build or Maintain Your Team Store
· Lifetime Warranty
· Rush Orders Available
· Men’s & Women’s Specific Designs
· Variety of Product Lines
· Unsurpassed Personalized Service