Custom Order Policy

All Pactimo orders are subject to the following policies, terms and conditions.

Really...This stuff is important! 


New customers can create a Customer Account through the Pactimo Custom Website ( or by contacting their local sales rep.


Customer is responsible for providing elements of design and all logos. Pactimo provides the following to assist in realization of design ideas:

  • Pactimo provides the first 2 revisions of your new design free of charge. Be as complete as possible with your submission. Beyond these 2 revisions, design fees will apply.
  • Pactimo Garment Templates in .pdf format when opened in Illustrator will reveal an embedded PAC Color Swatches board.
  • Pactimo Art Guidelines
  • Pactimo Logo Guidelines
  • Pactimo Design Checklist to assist with preparation and format
  • A Proof Plus that you can order to see how colors will be represented on your garments. A Proof Plus is a portion of your design that is printed on the actual fabric of your apparel.
    • The fee is $35 for any orders under $5,000.
    • Orders over $5,000 will receive a proof plus automatically at no charge. 
  • Elements and Artwork not provided in accordance with the Pactimo Art Guidelines may result in additional design fees and/or time required to accommodate Customer’s design. 
  • Customer is responsible for approval of spelling and/or grammar on all artwork.
  • Customer is responsible for receiving permission for use of all logos and/or copyrighted material incorporated into the design


Within the Customer Account, orders are placed online by the customer. Pactimo will assign an Account Manager who will assist the Customer with their order. Once the order goes to production a Pactimo Account Manager will provide an estimated date of completion.

  • Customer is responsible for entering the correct products, quantities and sizes on Pactimo’s online ordering system.

Choosing the Right Store for Your Needs!


A bulk order is a single payment and single ship arrangement. A deposit of 50% of the total order is due before production can begin. Payment in full to include any additional fees is due upon completion of order and prior to shipment.

  • New Orders that do not meet $900 minimum are subject to a processing fee due before delivery of $900 - order total - other fees
  • Reorders require a $300 minimum, but unit minimums are waived
  • Sales Tax will be included where applicable for USA orders and is due with the final payment


A team store allows your team to purchase individually and offers shipping options to suit your needs. These include bulk shipments to one location, pre-sorted shipments to one location or direct shipments to members. Pricing for these services varies by type.

A deposit of $200 is required for all new team stores. The deposit may be used to pay for design charges, processing fees or fees assessed for items below minimum on the order. Any remaining balance of the deposit minus fees, will be credited back to the original credit card used for the deposit.

  • New Orders that do not meet $900 minimum are subject to a processing fee due before delivery of order $900 - order total - other fees
  • Reorders require a $300 minimum, but unit minimums are waved
  • Individual team members will be charged for their orders at the time of placement to include all shipping and applicable taxes.
  • Team Stores cannot be used if the order is sales tax exempt.  We can only process tax exempt orders as bulk orders.
  • Team store orders can only be processed using a credit or debit card. We cannot accept other forms of payments for team stores.
  • All team store sales are final; no exchanges or returns are allowed. No changes are allowed to an order once it is placed by a team member. 

Rebates: A customer may request the store unit price be higher or lower than the standard or contract price subject to Pactimo approval.

  • If a Customer lists a garment for a price greater than the standard or contract price, the difference can be used to offset an amount due on the order or rebated to the customer after the order is complete. 
  • If a Customer lists a garment for a price less than the standard or contract price, the customer agrees to pay the balance due on the order prior to shipment of the order.
  • Team Stores will incur a 2.9% credit card fee on orders that are for profit (priced higher than agreed price). This is deducted only from the profit portion (we absorb the 2.9% up to that point) at time of rebate payment.


Pactimo utilizes a garment minimum program called 5+1. Under the 5+1 program, a customer is required to meet the minimum units listed by style. The +1 program is only available after a customer selects the appropriate 5+ styles and meets the opening minimum order amount of $900.

  • Gender specific garments can be combined to meet minimums when one meets the minimum
    • E.G. Ascent Aero Men’s (4) and Ascent Aero Women’s (1)
    To honor purchases placed and paid for within a team store, orders subject to additional fees will not be delayed going to production. 


    Pactimo’s Guaranteed Delivery is contingent on placement of the final orders by the customer and completed payment at time of shipment.

    • Customer agrees to pay shipping costs and sales tax as applicable
      • Delays from Freight companies and customs is not the responsibility of Pactimo


    This is a summary of deposits, fees and special pricing requirements.

      • $200 deposit required to begin art process
      • Balance of $900 - team store - added fees will be an assessed processing fee on orders under $900
      • There is a $50 processing fees on approved orders under $300
        • On a limited basis, fit kits can be sent out. A credit card authorization is required and is charged if the fit kit is returned damaged
        • Customer is responsible for freight to return fit kit
      • DESIGN
        • Additional design charges are $80 per hour
        • Caffeinated Colors (neon) incur a $100 set up fee on initial order
        • Contrast Stitching is available on limited styles for a $10 upgrade
      • MINIMUMS
        • Maximum charge of $250 on unit minimums not met per order/per garment
        • Team Stores Bulk ship to one location – Shipping and handling fee 2.5% of the merchandise total for each individual order
        • Team Stores Bulk ship to one location with individual sort – Shipping and handling fee $4 plus 2.5% of the merchandise total for each individual order
        • Team Stores Individual ship charge – Shipping and handling fee $10 plus 2.5% of merchandise for each individual order


        Customer acknowledges that they assume full responsibility for having obtained legal permission from each company/colleague to reproduce their logo or image included in the design for the purpose of printing these athletic garments. 

        • Pactimo reserves the right to use reproductions of Customers’ clothing and may disclose fact that Pactimo provides customer its clothing in Pactimo’s advertising (unless Customer notifies Pactimo in writing that such usage is prohibited at the time of placement of the subject order).


        Pactimo products purchased directly from Pactimo or an authorized dealer are fully warranted to the original owner against defects in materials and workmanship for the lifetime of the garment.


        • All orders must be completed within one year of initial order date. 
        • All order cancellations must be in writing and are effective upon Pactimo’s receipt.
        • Deposit refunds are available subject to payment of applicable cancellation charge and return of any outstanding Fit Kits or Quality Sample Kits on the following conditions:
          • If order is cancelled within 72 hours of order placement, a $15 cancellation charge will be assessed to Customer if paid via credit card.
          • If order is cancelled after 72 hours of placement but within 10 days of order placement, cancellation charge to Customer is 15% of total order with a $15 minimum charge.
          • Orders cancelled after 10 days, or not completed within one year of initial order date, will result in forfeiture of deposit.  Additional costs incurred are subject to collection.
          • No orders may be cancelled later than 19 days after the order has been placed, and customer is liable for payment of balance of purchase price.


        • Pactimo reserves, and Customer grants Pactimo, a first priority security interest in any merchandise provided by Pactimo to Customer in order to secure payments due Pactimo.
        • Sums not paid Pactimo in a timely fashion shall bear interest at 18% per annum compounded monthly. Customer agrees to pay all Pactimo’s costs of collection, including attorneys’ fees.
        • Customer agrees that the exclusive jurisdiction for the determination of any disputes shall be the District Court in and for the City and County of Denver, State of Colorado, USA, and Customer consents to the jurisdiction of said Court. Provided, however, that the foregoing shall not preclude Pactimo’s institution of proceedings against Customer to enforce its right in the courts of the state in which office or any other jurisdiction in which Customer maintains an office or assets.
        • All returned checks subject to fee of $30.00.