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We hope these FAQs answer some questions you may have. If they don't, please contact us at 800.801.9869 or custom-cs@pactimo.com.







Q: How is Pactimo pronounced?

A: Pactimo is pronounced pac-TEAM-O, similar to how the Italian word ultimo is pronounced. 

Q: What does Pactimo mean?

A: Pactimo is a derivative of the word impactful. When the company was founded, we set out to make an imPACT on the industry, our customer's and employee's lives and, most importantly, this global village we call Earth.

Q: How should I wash my custom clothing?

A: To maintain the integrity and color of fabrics, machine wash clothing on delicate in cold water using mild soap. Close all zippers before washing. Do not use fabric softeners.  Line dry. Do not bleach, twist, wring, heat, place in the dryer, dry clean or iron. Read our detailed washing and care instructions for more information.


Q: When designing a semi-custom jersey, do the white areas need to remain white?

A: No. The only fixed element when creating a semi-custom design is the actual design pattern. Colors can be changed as desired and logos can be placed as pleased.

Q: Do you charge more for each additional color?

A: No. Pactimo offers unlimited color choices. We are the first custom apparel company to utilize a full-dye sublimation process. This method of heat transfer imprinting allows all over printing of full color images and absorption of colors into the threads, resulting in crisp lines and true colors. This technology enables us to be efficient while keeping costs down.

Q: Can I see a sample of my custom design before I receive it?

A: Yes. There are three different options for reviewing final designs: 1) Once your artwork is finalized you have visibility to an approval form with your design lay out on a flat template. 2) We can create a 3D mock of your garment for easier viewing. 3) You may order a Proof Plus after you approve your artwork. For orders in excess of $5,000, all customers receive a complimentary proof plus. For orders below $5,000 the proof plus fee is $35. A proof plus is generally a portion of the front or back of your jersey design printed on the actual apparel fabric. Customers generally order a proof plus if they are concerned about their color choices or want to see the clarity of a particular logo.

Q: What format do I need to submit my artwork?

A: Vector graphics in .EPS or .AI format are preferred. If you are using an image such as a PNG or TIFF it must be high resolution (300+ dpi). JPEG graphics lose quality and as such often print very poorly and are not recommended. If graphics cannot be obtained, inquire about utilizing our design team to create unique art for your needs. Please see Art Guidelines for more details.

Q: I have graphic art skills; do you provide templates for me to create my design?

A: Yes. You can download design templates from our website. Keep in mind that although you may be quite skilled at design, we will still submit your art to Pactimo's  design department to ensure quality control elements that are internal to our system. Please see Design Templates for more information.

Q: Do you charge for designing artwork?

A: The first hour of design time is complimentary. Design time is then billed at $40/hour thereafter. Art fees are typically billed in 15 minute increments. The amount of design time and hence fees depend on the complexity of design, whether logos have been submitted  in vector format, and the number of templates used, among other things.

Q: I am not sure what I want; can you help me with my order and jersey design?

A: Our design team is quite capable of creating something specific to your needs. It is helpful to provide us with as much information as possible, including but not limited to design style/elements, pictures, and colors desired. Please reference Design Templates and Jersey Design Examples for more information.

Q: Do I have to have the Pactimo logo on my jerseys/tops and/or shorts or bottoms?

A: We're proud of the work we do. Our logo standards specify required locations on tops to include the upper chest and back pocket. For bottoms we require logo placement on the rear and one leg panel.

Q: Can I work directly with one of your designers?

A: Your Account Manager will be your primary point of contact and he/she will assist you throughout the entire process.

Q: Are Pantone/CMYK colors the same as PAC colors? 

A: Pantone and PAC colors are very similar and use the same CMYK. We recommend you order our color swatches as any color can appear slightly different on different materials. Colors also appear differently on computer monitors verses printed on materials. After your initial order and deposit is made, log into your account to order a fit kit since color swatches accompany any fit kit order.


Q: What is the minimum order quantity needed to place an order?

A: Five pieces of one garment/accessory item is the minimum to place a custom order. You may, however, order a mix of sizes. Orders that do not reach a 5-piece minimum are subject to an upcharge.

Q: Am I able to order both men's and women's sizing to reach the minimum?

A: Gender specific garments that are otherwise identical in description (e.g. Men's and Women's Ascent Jersey) will be considered to have met minimum quantity requirements when either the men's and women's versions are met independently. Combinations do not qualify.

For Example:
· If an order contains 7 Men's Ascent Jerseys and 2 Women's Ascent Jerseys, this order meets minimum requirements for these items.
· If an order contains 3 Men's Ascent Jerseys and 2 Women's Ascent Jerseys, this order DOES NOT meet minimum requirements for these items.
· If an order contains 7 Men's Ascent Jerseys and 2 Women's Continental Jerseys, this order meets the minimum requirements for the Ascent Jersey only. The minimum has not been met for the Continental Jersey.

In addition to those items that are identical in description, the following garments are defined as equivalent for ordering purposes:
· Women's Ascent Short and Men's Ascent Bib Short/Men's Ascent Bib Short Long

Q: If I order five or more jerseys am I able to order just one jacket?

A: No. These two items fall into unique categories. Each category has a unique set of rules regarding minimums, please refer to your Account Manager for more details.

Q: What are the minimums on re-orders?

A: There are no minimums on re-orders. We do not charge any fees to reopen a team store to allow for re-orders.  Any re-order under $300 is subject to a $50 processing fee. This also assumes no changes in artwork.


Q: What is the difference between Club Fit and Form Fit?

A: Club Fit is a more relaxed fit. A Club Fit jersey provides approximately one size greater in body circumference versus our form fit. Form Fit is a snugger, tighter, more tapered fit designed to enhance performance.

Q: Can I receive a fit kit or sizing kit?

A: Yes. Once you have an order and initial deposit for that order in place, you may order a fit kit. Kits may be ordered in a range of sizes specific to the garments you are interested in. A credit card deposit (not a debit card) is required (similar to when you check into a hotel) to secure a fit kit. This is in addition to the deposit for your custom order. Upon return, the fit kit authorization amount will be released.


Q: What is the deposit fee to get the order started once I have my art?

A: A deposit is required before we can start any order. A team store requires a $500 deposit which is refunded within 30 days after your order goes into production. All art fees will be deducted from this amount and any remaining monies refunded. A bulk order requires a 50% deposit or $500 on your initial order to get started. A full 50% will be due prior to the order going to production.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

A: We accept Master Card, Visa, Discover, American Express, and personal checks. Please note on all checks that we cannot start the art process until your check has arrived and posted to our account.

Q: How can I monitor my order status?

A: We have a state of the art online system where you can view your artwork, check on your final order, submit payment for your invoice and much more. If you have a team store your team/clothing manager will have access to this information. For team stores, contact your team/clothing manager directly.

Q: Can I get my kit faster than four weeks?

A: To request a rush, speak to your Account Manager prior to your order moving into production. You can request a rush for either one or two weeks earlier than our standard four week lead time. All requests must first be approved by our production facility to insure such a request can be accommodated. If the rush is approved, an appropriate rush fee will be applied.

Q: What if I need to add items to an order that has already been placed?

A: Once an order is in production we can no longer make any changes. You may make changes on your next order or place a re-order.

Q: When does the four week timeline start with my custom order?

A: Once you finalize and approve art you will place your final order. If placing a bulk order, you will enter the quantities and sizes for each item. If placing a team store order, the store will be closed. Your order will be sent to production. Shortly after your order is in production you will receive an email reminder for final payment due three days prior to your estimated shipping date.  Upon receipt of final payment, your order will go into the shipping queue. After your garments ships it takes approximately 4-7 business days to receive your package. Please see our Team Store page for more information.

Q: Can items be combined to meet the minimums?

A: Items cannot be combined to meet minimums on a new order. The minimums of just five items per garment/gender are specific are required. There are no limits to quantities on a re-order.

Q: Can I open my team store while the design is being completed?

A: No. The design process needs to be completed before the opening of a team store.

Q: Why do I need a proof plus? What is this?

A: You may order a proof plus after you approve your artwork. A proof plus is a portion of your design that is printed on the actual fabric of your apparel. Most people order a proof plus to be certain about their colors or want to see the clarity of a particular logo. The fee is $35 for any orders under $5,000. Orders over $5,000 will receive a proof plus automatically at no charge.

Q: How long does it take to get my garments after they have shipped?

A: After your garments ship it takes approximately 4-7 business days to receive your package.

Q: How long does it take to get a Fit Kit?  Am I charged for it?

A: If all garments are in stock we will ship the fit kit within 48 hours upon receiving your request. You will receive the kit within 3 to 5 business days.  Fit kits are free of charge. A credit card deposit (not a debit card) is required (similar to when you check into a hotel) to secure a fit kit. You are required to ship the fit kit back to Pactimo within three weeks of our initial ship date.

Q: I ordered a garment through a team store and it doesn't fit, what can I do?

A: Our garments are custom made to order therefore all orders are final. A re-order is always an option. If you ordered through a team store, speak to your team/clothing manager to discuss options. Our goal is to provide you with the best customer care and will make every effort to insure your satisfaction.

Q: I ordered a garment through a team store weeks ago. Can I get a status, please?

A: Your team/clothing manager determines how long a team store shall remain open. It is only upon closing the store that your individual order to goes into production. Some team stores remain open for several weeks. It is upon closing that the order goes into production and the five week timeline to delivery begins. While we may be able to assist with information about the status of a team store, you may wish to contact your organization's team/clothing manager questions about your order. 

Q: Do I have to sign for my shipment?

A: Our agreement requires a signature on all custom orders.  Please contact your Account Manager if you need this signature requirement removed. If the shipment is returned to our offices, you may incur additional shipping charges.