Why Choose Pactimo

Alp Cycles Racing Chooses Pactimo for Custom Cycling Clothing

We are dedicated to providing premium cycling and athletic team apparel to teams, clubs and everyday cyclists worldwide.

But, what makes us different?

Custom Cycling Clothing Guaranteed Quality 


We know you want your custom cycling clothing fast, and you want to know exactly when it will arrive. That's why we have a 6-week delivery!

We also have low 5-piece order minimums, and have structured the minimums to be especially favorable to mixed gender teams. And there's no minimums on reorders!

Plus, we are one of the few in the industry who offer such a wide selection of women's specific cycling apparel.

Custom Cycling Clothing Consistent Quality


We only manufacture cycling and tri clothing, and our team has well over a decade of experience providing the finest quality gear to Olympians, national champions and professional teams all over the globe.

Our consistent sizes, colors and quality not only come from the Swiss and German fabrics, and Italian chamois, we use in our garments, but unlike so many of our competitors, we don't lease factory space at facilities that regularly produce non-sports-related apparel. We actually own our factory and manufacturing equipment.

And, while many in the industry boast about a low 5% manufacturing defect rate, ours is an astonishing 0.8%! As a matter of fact, we're so confident in our quality, we stand by our garments with a Lifetime Warranty and you'll see that guarantee in every garment tag.

Custom cycling clothing printer
Custom cycling clothing sewing department

Custom Cycling Clothing Team Stores


Yes, it's true, we invented the online team store concept.

We saw a need in the market and we developed a way to make things easier for riders and clothing managers alike. And we continue to fine tune the process all the time.

Riders shop and order at leisure in their team’s customized store, and their gear is sent to the clothing manager for distribution.

We can also individually package team member's clothing and ship directly to them (for a nominal fee), alleviating the hassle of sorting and distributing on your end.

And, we never charge any fees to set up or maintain a team store.

Custom Cycling Clothing Innovation Technology


We’ve always dared to be different. Today, we continue that tradition with ongoing product innovations and and new items every year.

Based on feedback from elite cyclists and teams, we are always reengineering our garments to increase performance and durability.

For example, we feel you'll be amazed by the “explosive” reflectivity of our RT fabric available on Summit level jerseys, bibs and select inclement weather items, and how water literally bounces off the Storm+ Collection of garments.

Custom cycling clothing with reflectivity
Water resistant custom cycling jackets

Custom Cycling Clothing Courteous Customer Service


You’ll never be just another client to us, our personalized customer service model is unsurpassed in the market. Your account manager will always be the same person. They know you and your teams needs, and work in partnership with you on your first order, second order or twentieth order.

Here's the recap...

6-Week Delivery
No Per-Piece Reorder Minimums
No Fees to Build or Maintain Your Team Store
Rush Orders Available
Men’s & Women’s Specific Designs
Variety of Product Lines
Unsurpassed Personalized Service

Or call A LOCAL REP for assistance.