Team Stores

Custom Cycling Clothing Team Stores

Pactimo’s Team Store™ takes work off your hands!

Coordinating a team’s clothing order can be a complete headache, especially for the person responsible for all the details. Specific orders, sizes, shipping locations and payments all need to be taken into consideration.

But with Pactimo’s Team Store, we make the process as stress free as possible.

Here’s how it works:

custom cycling clothing team store


Let's say you are your team's clothing manager...

The first thing you need to do is set up an account.

Once that's out of the way, you'll partner with our expert design staff to create art for your team's custom apparel.

custom cycling clothing team store 


When you've approved the designs and selected the items to be included, we create your online team store, highlighting all of your products in 2D mock-ups.

Custom Cycling Clothing Team Stores
Custom Cycling Clothing Team Store Example



You Set Prices

It’s your store, so you have the ability to set prices on your gear and use discount coupon codes to run sales or reward team members.

Free Range isn't just for Chickens

Plus, you can restrict access to your team store, or choose the Free Range* option, allowing anyone to shop your store.

Order Dashboard Too

You'll also have access to a dashboard showing order history and team sales. You can even see which team members have ordered and which haven’t.

custom cycling clothing team store


Your team members can log in to the team's store at their leisure to see jerseys, skinsuits or bibs in their team’s design. After they add items to their shopping cart they can review size selections, quantities and order totals before going through an intuitive and secure checkout process. 

custom cycling clothing team store 


Pactimo has a 99.9% on-time delivery rate and is the only custom manufacturer that guarantees an on-time delivery.

And, for a nominal fee, we’ll even bag each rider’s gear individually so you don’t have to waste time unpacking and organizing. We can even ship gear directly to each rider’s home!

Terun Squadra Cycling Team

custom cycling clothing team store


And, reordering has never been easier. Just contact your account manager to reopen your store. Don’t forget, there’s no minimums on reorders, however we do ask that you purchase $300 in merchandise to avoid a processing fee.

Did you know...

Pactimo invented the Team Store concept, and we’ve continuously worked with our customers to develop the most comprehensive and easy-to-use team ordering system in the industry. Best of all, we have a low 5-piece order minimum favorable to mixed gender teams and we never charge fees to build or maintain your team store.

* A Free Range store is open to the public, allowing you to sell your team’s clothing to a wider audience and raise money for your team or cause.