Custom Youth Cycling Skinsuit - Front View
Custom Youth Cycling Skinsuit - Back View

Youth Cycling Skinsuit


This performance skinsuit has been meticulously engineered to provide a superior, aerodynamic fit for competitive youth cyclists. The 3-way stretch fabric offers a sleek, body-hugging profile while feeling supportive against the skin and muscles in motion. Features a sport-level chamois from Italian manufacturer TMF, elastic leg bands and contoured seaming for enhanced comfort.

A single side panel provides a large print area for maximum sponsorship visibility.


The following OFF BODY inseam lengths were measured on a garment at rest. They may not exactly reflect the ACTIVE inseam length when the garment is being worn due to the combined effects of the 1) the rider's torso and femur length, 2) stretchiness of the material, and 3) the rider's leg musculature. 

S = 18 cm
M = 18.5 cm
L = 19 cm


•TotalFit™ with European-made stretch fabric and •Avertini Lycra Traditional stand-up collar 4.5cm elastic leg bands Multi-thickness chamois •Invisible front zipper to ease entry and exit Euro
length sleeves
•No pockets

SECOND SKIN: Items in this category have been designed to provide a second skin fit.

  • S-L

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