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We are continuously inspired by Colorado's breath-taking beauty and extreme conditions to develop cycling apparel for every climate, elevation, and adventure. We've also worked hard to perfect each garment, and take immense pride in our work. 

We hope you find the following media reviews helpful:


Tellus Collection
Clothing meant for any off road pursuit – Bike Rumor

Summit Stratos 12-Hour Bibs
The ideal choice for long distances and demanding terrains – Velonews

Terrain MTB Jersey
Packs a lot of smart features at a reasonable price – Velonews

Summit Aero Jersey
Impeccable racer’s cut and a mock-collar that’s supremely comfortable – Velonews

Dispatch 3.2L Backpack
Whoever designed this pack definitely commutes by bike – Velonews

Apex MTB Jersey
Simple, light and airy – Bike Radar

Apex MTB Collection
Simple mountain bike gear for technical trails – Bicycling

Summit Raptor Bibs
Reviewed: Pactimo Summit Raptor 2.0 bib shorts  – Velonews

Storm Hybrid Jacket
Pactimo Storm Hybrid Jacket with Arm Warmers – review – Road Cycling UK

RFLX Thermal 3/4 Bib Tights
Pactimo RFLX Thermal 3/4 Bib Tights – review – Road Cycling UK

Summit Raptor Pro Bibs
Pactimo Summit Raptor Pro Bibs – review – CX Magazine

Summit Raptor Bib Shorts
Pactimo Summit Raptor Bib Shorts – review – Road Cycling UK

Palisade Jacket
Pactimo Palisade Jacket – review – Andy Mawer, UK

Summit Speed RFLX Jersey
Pactimo Summit Speed RFLX short sleeve jersey – review – Road Cycling UK

Summit Speed RFLX Jersey & Summit Raptor RFLX Bibs
10 Great Cycling Kits for the Fast and Strong – Gear Patrol

RFLX™ & Spring '15 Product Line
Pactimo expands reflective line, refines aero cuts –

Ascent Long-Sleeve Jersey
Pactimo Ascent Long Sleeve Jersey Men's –

Spring Line & RFLX
Hands On With Pactimo's Stylish and Functional 2015 Spring Branded Apparel –

Long-Sleeve Base Layer
Pactimo Long Sleeve Base Layer –

Pactimo Clothing
Holiday Gift Ideas: Zach's Wish List –

Winter Clothing
Pactimo launch new clothing range –

RFLX™ Fall Product Line
First Look: Pactimo RFLX cool weather fall clothing line – Road Bike Review

RFLX™ Fall Product Line
Warm, Bright, Reflective, The Pactimo Fall Collection Has It All –

Breckenridge WX-D Jacket
Pactimo Breckenridge WX-D Jacket review –

Summit Speed Jersey
Pactimo Summit Speed Jersey review –

Ultra-Lite Rain Jacket
Pactimo Ultra-Lite Rain Jacket review –

Summit Raptor Bib Shorts
Pactimo Summit Raptor bib shorts review –


Ascent Vector Bibs
Reviewed: Pactimo Ascent Vector Pro women’s bibs – Velonews

Ascent Air 2.0 Jersey
Reviewed: Pactimo Ascent Air 2.0 women’s jersey – Velonews

Summit RFLX Speed Jersey
Review:Pactimo Summit RFLX Speed Jersey – Pretty Damned Fast

Summit Raptor RFLX Review
Review: Pactimo Summit Raptor RFLX Bibs – Pretty Damned Fast

Palisade Jacket
Review: Pactimo Palisade Jacket – Total Women's Cycling

Alpine RFLX™ Thermal Tights
Review: Pactimo Alpine RFLX™ Thermal Tights – Total Women's Cycling

Ascent Long-Sleeve Jersey
Review: Pactimo Women's Ascent Long Sleeved Road Cycling Jersey – Total Women's Cycling

Breckenridge WX-D Jacket
Review: Pactimo Women's Breckenridge WX-D Jacket – Total Women's Cycling

Ultra-Lite Rain Jacket
Review: Pactimo Ultra-Light Rain Jacket – Total Women's Cycling

Summit Raptor Bib Shorts
Review: Pactimo Summit Raptor Bibs – Total Women's Cycling

Summit Jersey and Summit Raptor Bib Shorts
Review: Pactimo Women's Summit Raptor Bibshort and Summit Jersey – Road Bike Review

Summit Raptor Bib Shorts
Pactimo Summit Raptor Bibs: Bike & Gear Reviews – Bicycling Magazine

Summit Jersey
Pactimo Summit Jersey: Bike & Gear Reviews – Bicycling Magazine

Cascade Jacket and Summit Raptor Bib Shorts
Pactimo Raptor Bibs and Cascade Jacket a woman – 303Cycling News


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