Fit Kits — guaranteeing sizing

Once you've started an order and submitted / approved your artwork, it's time to order a fit kit.

Fit kits give your team or club a chance to try on the exact garments they intend to purchase so they can be guaranteed the perfect size when their custom clothing arrives.

Have a Party... a Fit Kit Party!

The best way to get your team together to try on the fit kit is to throw a party! Have some beer and snacks, and see if you can host it at your local, supporting bike shop, and you'll get the whole team to show up. 

We’ve hosted hundreds of Fit Parties and assisted with thousands more, here's a few tips we've learned over the years...

1. Ask for a couple volunteers to help with set-up and break-down.

2. Make sure the space you’ve selected is ready for your team:

  • Room to set up and organize
  • Privacy for changing
  • Mirrors and chairs are helpful

3. Have a couple large tables for garment display.

4. Snacks and beverages are always a good way to bring people together (be careful around the clothing, though!).

Other ideas:

Print the garment descriptions from our website, so your team can read more about each item’s performance features and fabrics while trying them on.

Summit Collection
Ascent Collection
Continental Collection
Century Collection

If your Team Store is open, ask your team members to bring their tablets or smartphones so they can go ahead and place their order after they’ve tried on the clothing.

If the Store is not open, make a copy of the Fit Kit Size Note Sheet for each team member so they can mark down preferences and sizes for future reference.

If you’re local or if we have a Sales Rep in your area, call us at 800-801-9869.  We’re happy to help!

Fit Kit Party Resources

Fit Kit Party Invitation

Click to download as a fillable PDF
Custom cycling clothing fit kit party invitation

1. Download the invitation PDF
2. Fill in your party information
3. Save the PDF to your computer
4. Send to your team via email

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Fit Kit Letter (PDF)

Fit Kit Note Sheet (PDF)

Size Charts

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Did you know...

Pactimo was one of the first custom cycling clothing companies to develop the fit kit!