Be safe. Be seen. Reflective Technology.

“Explosive” reflectivity on select premium and inclement weather garments.

Cycling Clothing Reflective TechnologyPactimo Reflective Technology (RT) offers “explosive” visibility in low-light conditions, ideal for morning / evening commutes and variable light conditions.

Pactimo’s RT panels, included on outerwear and premium-level jerseys and bibs, incorporate a revolutionary reflective fabric application that literally “explodes” with brightness when illuminated by exposure from direct light (such as a car’s headlights). These panels make the wearer more visible to motorists than if they had merely chosen to wear hi-visibility or flourescent colors.

“Fluorescent clothing needs UV rays to be reflective and so doesn’t work at night,” said Dr Philippe Lacherez from the School of Optometry & Vision Science at the Queensland University of Technology. Lacherez conducted a survey of 184 cyclists who had been involved in a collision with a car and determined “cyclists should add reflective strips to their knees and ankles because the pedalling movement makes light from the headlights bounce back to the driver, making it easier to register they are there.”

Gary Rubin, professor of ophthalmology at University College London agreed. “[A] reflective kit is even more effective than fluorescent clothing because it fires light back at the motorist,” Rubin said. “Reflective panels would also increase visibility. Movement does capture attention – our visual system is more sensitive to a moving target.”

With Pactimo’s proprietary Reflective Technology you can be confident of your increased visibility when training and riding in the early morning, late evening or in inclement weather.

Cycling Clothing with Reflectivity

Reflective Cycling Jackets and Tights

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