Healthy Habits Challenge #3: Stay in Touch

Third week of Healthy Habits Challenge is all about making the call.

Welcome to week #3 of the Healthy Habits Challenge. I'm Kyle Murphy and I'm happy to introduce the "Stay in Touch" theme.

We're all practicing social distancing right now and many of us only leave the house for essential things. But what about the relationships in our lives? We shouldn't put those on hold just because we're staying indoors. That's why it's more important now than ever before to reach out to others for a phone call or video chat. 

My Rally Cycling team and I are challenging you, over the next seven days, to make one personal call each day. Don't know who to call? Try calling a family member. Maybe being up someone who is retired. Call someone who lives alone. It doesn't matter who you call. We're not asking you to step out of your comfort zone, we're just encouraging you to make a healthy choice. 

To take part in our challenge - simply share a portion or screenshot of your video call or include a note about your phone call, and use #HealthyHabitswithPoido in your social media post. 

Keep the lines of communication open and talk to you soon!

- Kyle


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