Gracias, Colombia!

Spectacular mountaintop finale brings Tour Colombia 2.1 to a close.

A full-gas dash through the centre of metropolitan Bogotá followed by the lung-busting climb of Alto Verjón, the stage was set for an exciting finale to the Tour Colombia 2.1. Rally Cycling's GC hopeful Gavin Mannion, who entered the stage in eighth overall, was struck with an ill-timed mechanical and bike swap at the base of the final climb and ell to 19th in the overall standings. 

The team can look back on its time in Colombia with a lot of pride. From two sprint top 10s to a barnstorming effort in the team time trial, the team made the most of their time racing in South America's most popular race. What made the experience even more memorable were the relationships developed with the team's local-level partner, Colmedica. Thank you for joining us on this ride. 


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