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CS Velo - Pactimo Custom Cycling Clothing


Many of our lives and the lives of our loved ones have been affected by cancer, disease and hardship. Because of that, Pactimo is especially proud to be the custom clothing partner for CS Velo, started by Luke Bunting as a way to honor his dad who was battling cancer.

Luke put his dad’s name on his jersey to show he would be strong for him wherever he rode. When his father passed, Luke found peace and healing through cycling - and through his teammates - who also added his dad’s name to their jerseys, as many had similarly experienced the untimely loss of friends and loved ones from illnesses like cancer.

As a team, they set out to underscore they are stronger together, and with the strength of the group they can succeed in life and on the bike. Today, teammates are invited to add the name of a loved one in whose honor they ride to the team’s jersey. Together they wear those names as a reminder of their Combined Strength.

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