Men's Custom Cycling Shorts - Continental Front View
Men's Custom Cycling Shorts - Continental Back View

Men's Continental Shorts

The Continental Short is the perfect choice for who want a value priced, high-quality short and who do not want bib straps for occasions when the absence allows for quicker changes before/after rides.

We've constructed the Continental with a breathable, comfortably compressive fabric with recycled materials. The 2nd generation, Italian-made chamois has been thermo-molded for enhanced body contouring and sit bone support. Single-layer leg bands are grippy, breathable and ensure a satisfying fit during exertion.


The following OFF BODY inseam lengths were measured on a garment at rest. They may not exactly reflect the ACTIVE inseam length when the garment is being worn due to the combined effects of the 1) the rider's torso and femur length, 2) stretchiness of the material, and 3) the rider's leg musculature.

S = 24.5 cm
M = 25 cm
L = 25.5 cm
XL = 26 cm
2XL = 26.5 cm

• Recycled, breathable compression fabric
• Thermo-molded, Italian TMF sport-level chamois
• 4.5cm single-layer grippy leg band

  • 2XS-3XL
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