Cyclocross Thermal 2.0 Skinsuit - Men's

Second Skin FitOur extremely popular and rigorously tested Cyclocross Thermal skinsuit has been designed to keep you warm while hopping barriers, or for those critical winter base training rides. Includes the CyTech Elastic Interface® Liege Air Carbonium chamois and the fantastic Stelvio cold weather performance fabric from Italian manufacturer Miti®. Full front zip for easy on/off and a single pocket on the back with elastic enclosure.


  • MITI® Stelvio thermal fabric
  • Long sleeve with knicker ¾ length legs with Silicone grippers
  • CyTech E.I.T. Liege Carbonium chamois
  • Full front zip
  • No pocket, left back pocket or right back pocket options
  • Unisex


The following OFF BODY inseam lengths were measured on a garment at rest. They may not exactly reflect the ACTIVE inseam length when the garment is being worn due to the combined effects of the 1) the riders's torso and femur length, 2) stretchiness of the material, and 3) the rider's leg musculature. 

XS = 50 cm
S = 51 cm
M = 52 cm
L = 53 cm
XL = 54 cm
2XL = 55 cm


TotalFit TotalFit™
Pactimo TotalFit™ garments feature elastic panels and anatomical design made to work in concert with your body. Each panel has been made to provide optimal support for a competitive advantage.
Stelvio Stelvio
Stelvio is a light stretch heat regulating fabric which repels wind and water and maintains a constant temperature between the skin and the fabric. Through the use of micro laminate technology, Stelvio preserves warmth and superior breathability in extreme weather conditions without excessive bulk.

Cycling Clothing for Windy ConditionsThis item will perform well in windy conditions.

Cycling Clothing for WinterThis item is good for weather down to 20° - 40° F

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