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Top 5 Ways to Support Your Sponsors

Top 5 Ways to Support Your Sponsors

"...long-standing relationships demonstrate stability and commitment on your part as much as that of your sponsors."

by David Newcomer / Customer Service Manager

From amateur racing and associations, events and fundraising, all the way to the top tiers of our sport, sponsorship is a key element to cycling's success and longevity. It's a great way for members of our community a way to contribute directly to a cause they believe in, and simultaneously challenging in the efforts to acquire and maintain those contributions.

Retention is key. And long-standing relationships demonstrate stability and commitment on your part as much as that of your sponsors. The following tips are provided to help you and your team support your sponsors as they deserve to be.

  1. Know 1 SPECIFIC thing about each sponsor – Beyond “they’re great!” be ready to share something about your sponsor that makes them unique or stand out in the field. Maybe it’s their social mission or the fact that they’ve always supported junior development teams because their product is made for kids.
  2. Contact Information – Let’s face it, this is a big reason they’re supporting you. Get to know someone and have their contact information on your phone so that you can share it easily. Make sure the person you refer mentions your name so that the sponsor knows, too!
  3. Frequent your sponsor and/or use their products – Seems obvious, yes, but personal testimony is key. Word of Mouth (and Social Media) make the world go ‘round.
  4. Ask your sponsor directly how you can support them – Maybe they’re running a special or have a referral discount that can make it easy for you to initiate the conversation. Or maybe that
  5. Use Social media and interact with your sponsor – Post and re-post, tag and hashtag. Like their page, share it with others and let people know why.

These ideas take just a few minutes of your time. Our sport is dependent on sponsorship and a little goes a long way. When you and your team demonstrate the willingness to share your sponsor’s story, promote and use their products, and demonstrate a bit of knowledge beyond name, you’ll find retention and finding additional sponsors to be a much easier task.

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About the Author

David, Customer Service ManagerA lifelong commuter and amateur racer in road, CX and MTB, David Newcomer has experience with just about every aspect of our sport. A former race director of the Bob Cook Memorial Mt. Evans Hill Climb, and Executive Director of one of the largest cycling clubs in Colorado, he brings a wide range of experience to share with others. David is the Customer Service Manager at Pactimo and host of our podcast "On the Road with Pactimo." You can reach him directly at