Zukowsky Wins Climbing Competition at Paris-Camembert

Young Canadian spends 160 km off the front to claim a prize.

Rally Cycling's French Canadian, Nickolas Zukowsky, flew the coup on Tuesday during France's Paris-Camembert to win six of the seven climbs on offer during the 194 km race. The performance eanred him the win in the MC (Montagne General) competition after over 160 km in the breakaway. 

"I'm really happy with how the day went," said Zukowsky. "I wasn't an easy day at all and we never got a big gap over the peloton so we had to stay on the gas the whole time. It's nice to get a prize at the end of the day for all the effort."

Patrique Hogemann - Rally Cycling

To the victor go the spoils. Team Soigneur Patrique Högemann looks after zuk's loot.

The team's plan for the race was to be represented in the breakaways while protecting Robin Carpenter and Pier-André Coté for the hilly finale. As the peloton splintered behind and the team missed out on a top 10, Zukowsky committed to the task at hand to ensure Rally Cycling made the podium at the end of the day. 

"My goal wasn't the MC group going into the race but when I found myself up the road, I decided to go for it and get something out of it. It quickly became all about staying out there for as long as possible to sprint for as many MG lines as I could. I'm glad it worked out."

Nickolas Zukowsky at Paris Camembert - Rally Cycling

Growing up in Quebec, Zukowsky learned French at a young age. A language that has become of great use during his professional career. 

"Speaking French is always going to come in handy when racing in France," laughed Zukowsky. "It's way easier to ask for water or course details in their language and I find they want to help more." 

Now the team's French contingent gets to enjoy a few days in the countryside until Paris-Chuany on September 27. 

Montangne Classification Results
1. *ZUKOWSKY Nickolas RLY 35
2. *PELIKAN János ANS 20
3. *GODON Dorian ALM 10
4. LAMMERTINK Mauritis CWG 5
5. GOUGEARD Alexis ALM 3
7. *STEWART Jake GFC 2



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