Team Loses Britton Ahead of Mountain Test

Joyce sprints to 11th on stage 3 of Tour Colombia while Britton is unable to start.

A tough parcours with high speeds and higher altitudes. The team suffered on stage 3 of Tour Colombia, with some riders fighting sickness, but still managing to put Colin Joyce into position for the final sprint. In the end, he missed a second top 10 in a row by one placing, with Juan Sebastián Molano (UAE Team Emirates) doubling down on yesterday's victory. The team suffered a big blow pre-stage when Rob Britton was unable to start due to illness and forced to withdraw from the race. 

"I was having a terrible day. I slept poorly the night before and had some stomach issues. My legs were bad and I had to do everything I could to help the team. A huge part of road cycling is to make sure your best guy is feeling as good as possible, even when others are suffering." ~ Robin Carpenter 


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