Megan Jastrab Blog: The Balancing Act

Junior world champion on juggling racing and college life.

Before my first day at Milligan College in Tennessee, in the Fall of 2019, I had only been in the US for about five days, as I had just returned home from junior Track Worlds in Germany. Great start to college - jet-lagged, banged up from a crash in the Omnium, and focused on training for junior Road Worlds. 

On the plus-side, I was highly motivated by my results on the track, but that chapter was closed and I needed refocused on the Road Worlds.

All went smoothly for the first week college, learning where everything was on campus, buying books, and having a limited workload with mostly only syllabus readings (you know the drill). Fortunately, I already had completed two semesters of college at Mt. Sac in California, and I was more-or-less prepared for what I needed to do related to college.   


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