How to Watch the Virtual Tour de France

America's top men's and women's professional cycling teams contest first-ever Virtual Tour de France on live TV.

Rally Cycling's men's and women's teams are competing in the first-ever Virtual Tour de France this July on the virtual cycling platform, Zwift. Both teams are looking to make a real impact on the race, and you can watch every second of all six men's and women's stages live.

Where to watch the Virtual Tour de France in North America

You don't need a subscription package to enjoy all six stages of the first-ever Virtual Tour, with a free live stream available on Zwift's website. American viewers can also watch all the action on NBC Sports Gold while Canadians can stream the Virtual Tour via FloBikes. On social media, look for live broadcasts on Zwift's Facebook and YouTube pages. 

When is the Virtual Tour de France on television and streaming? 

Saturday, July 4 - Stage 1 - Watopia Hilly Reverse (36.4km)
Women's 08:00 (CDT)
Men's 09:05 (CDT)
Watch Here

Sunday, July 5 - Stage 2 - Watopia Mountain (29.5km) 
Women's 08:02 (CDT)
Men's 09:07 (CDT)
Watch Here

Saturday, July 11 - Stage 3 - R.G.V. (48 km)
Women's 07:47 (CDT)
Men's 08:52 (CDT)

Sunday, July 12 - Stage 4 - Casse-Pattes (45.8 km)
Women's 07:47  (CDT)
Men's 08:52 (CDT)
Watch Here

Saturday, July 18 - Stage 5 - La Reine (22.9 km)
Women's 07:53 (CDT)
Men's 08:58 (CDT)
Watch Here

Sunday, July 19 - Stage 6 - Champes-Élysées (45.8 km)
Women's 07:50 (CDT)
Men's 08:55 (CDT) 
Watch Here


How can I watch the Virtual Tour de France on TV around the world?

Australia - SBS

Asia/Pac - Eurosport Asia & GCN

Belgium (Walloon) - RTBF - Digital

Belgium (Flemish) - VRT één

China -

Denmark - TV2 Sport

Europe (rest) - Eurosport & GCN

France - Francetvsport

Japan - J Sports

Netherlands - NOS - Digital

New Zealand - SKY Sport

Norway - TV2 Sport / TV2 Sumo

Portugal - RTP2

Spain - Teledeporte or digital

Worldwide -


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