Healthy Habits Challenge: "Cut The Leash"

Week eight theme encourages people to put down their devices.

Welcome to week eight of the Healthy Habits Challenge - Cut The Leash.

This week is all about letting go of our devices, learning to put them down, and taking in the world around us. I understand that during this really challenging time, notifications can be important, however, this can also be a bit of a trap.

As a professional athlete, I know a lot about being all-in on what you're doing and to resist the temptation to constantly be pulled in different directions by your devices


This week, I challenge you to put that phone in airplane mode, shut your laptop, take your iPad, put it in a drawer, and take an hour for yourself to be all-in. Once you've taken your break, share your progress with us on social media using #HealthyHabitsWithPoido

Turn it off, say bye-bye, and stay healthy my friends.  

Sarah Bergen


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