Doebel-Hickok Finishes Tour For All on a High

American claims fifth atop Alpe du Zwift summit finish.

Krista Doebel-Hickok capped off an impressive week of racing for Rally Cycling at Zwift's Tour For All, summiting the Alpe du Zwift climb in fifth place. It was Doebel-Hickok's fourth top 10 performance of the week that helped the women finish sixth in the overall standings. Men's highlights include a runner-up finish by Pier-André Côté on stage 4, sixth for Nickolas Zukowsky on stage 2, and fifth in the sprint opener by Côté.

The Tour For All was not only a place where you could watch the best cyclists in the world got toe-to-toe in a virtual environment but it also raised awareness for Doctors Without Borders. An initial $125,000 donation was made by Zwift at the start of the event with an additional $125,000 pledged if 250,000 users rode any of the Tour For All stages through the end of May. Early estimates indicate over 75,000 have answered the call with three weeks remaining.

Preparing for a race that is being boradcast mid-day on Eurosport meant that North American athletes had to choose between a little extra sleep or properly preparing each day. If you've been following us throughout the week, you know which kind of athlete Krista is.

"My earliest wake up was 1:45 am," said Doebel-Hickok. "I get up, have coffee, stretch, eat breakfast, set up everything outside which takes me a while, start my warm-up about 40 min out, knock-back a Clif caffeine gel, and then it's go time."


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