An Italian Racing Campaign Preview

Team journeys to Italy for trio of one-days.

Following a successful season restart at the Tour de Savoie Mont Blanc in France where Gavin Mannion won the final two stages, the team has arrived in northern Italy to begin their next block of racing. 

Beginning with the Giro dell'Emilia on Tuesday, Agust 18, Rally Cycling will tackle a trio of Italian one-day races that include the Trofeo Matteotti on August 29 and the Memorial Marco Pantani on August 30. Before returning to central Europe, the team will compete in Coppi e Bartali from September 1 to September 5.

Mannion, who captured the first European victories of his career at Mont Blanc, is looking forward to the races following a fruitful team training camp in the French Alps.

"It's been nice to be on the road again, feeling like a pro athlete," said Mannion. "The vide is really good in the team and everyone's happy to be racing."

Team director Patrick McCarty helped put together the team's Italian schedule and there couldn't be a better moment to take them on.

"Gavin's wins in France and definitely put everyone at ease," said McCarty. "With all of the work, stress, and uncertainty with a return to racing, having him win right off the bat was amazing. We're relaxed, confident, and very happy to be here racing." 

For all the team's latest race updates, visit the official Rally Cycling Twitter account. 

Giro dell'Emilia roster
Nate Brown
Matteo Dal-Cin
Maël Guégan
Gavin Mannion
Nickolas Zukowsky

Italian Race Schedule
Giro dell'Emilia (August 18)
Trofeo Matteotti (August 29)
Memorial Marco Pantani (August 30)
Coppi e Bartali (September 1-5)



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